All Tennis Players, From The Rank Beginner to The Seasoned Tour Pro, Suffer From TheseServe Killers...
Perfecting Your Toss ($39.95 VALUE)

Imagine this: After watching the toss video, which is 19:07 minutes, you’ll be tossing the ball better than you ever have before. For many recreational players, simple getting the ball toss right causes everything else to fall into place.

(Fun fact: You might not know this, but Pat used to really struggle with his toss. In fact, he changed his entire service motion in an effort to make it more reliable.

During this process Pat discovered a simple technique for gaining control over your toss. The technique is so easy that he’s been using it to teach his young son how to toss the ball. You’re going to get access to this same, never-before publicly-revealed technique.)

Using "The Rafter Spin Cycle" ($39.95 VALUE)

Now that your toss is right, you’ll learn Pat’s 3 specific spins, and how cycling through them will keep the returner off balance and produce short ball after short ball. WARNING: Pat’s approach is slightly unorthodox. When learning to serve, you’ve probably heard the tennis ball described as a clock face, and for a kick serve, how you’re supposed to swing 7 to 1 o’clock.

Well... Pat is going to BLOW that old way of thinking out of the water. Pat still uses the clock face analogy... but he’s in a whole different time zone :-)

The way he describes it might sound weird, might sound counterintuitive... BUT it gets results.

Here’s what Thomas had to say about this specific technique:

"Everyone has heard about the clock face and how to hit up on the ball and all the rest, but when Rafter said you hit from like 11:30 down to 5:00... I’d never heard it described like that. And when I tried it, it just changed everything."

Mastering Your Mental Game
($39.95 VALUE)

This might be the most important piece of it all. In the "Rafter Serve System," Pat shares a story about a study done on the power of mental visualization.

In the study, there were two groups of people - let’s say "Group A" and " Group B." Group A shot foul shots for a week. Group B visualized shooting foul shots for a week. After, the two groups competed to see which one would make more foul shots. They tied.

The proper mind set - through visualization - is what really kicks your serve to the next level.

Toss + The Rafter Spin Cycle + Mental Visualization = A Dominant Serve

So in this section Pat will teach you his exact visualization technique. Something you can and should do before every

serve, and something that will "steel" you in the pressure-packed moments, and have you serving BIG when it matters most.

Bonus #1 - How to Eliminate All 13 "Serve Killers" ($39.95 VALUE)

Serve Killers are robbing you of serious speed and power in your serve.

If fixing your #1 Serve Killer can add 10, 15, even 20+ MPH to your serve, imagine what fixing all 13 Serve Killers will do for you?

You’ll discover all 13 Serve Killers - and how to fix them - in this bonus, not available for sale anywhere else.

Bonus #2 - Serve Speed App: Measure & Track Your Improvement ($64.97 VALUE)

Imagine turning your iPhone/iPad into an accurate radar gun? Our serve speed app will be about to calculate your serve speed to within +/- 2 MPH. A Radar Gun on will set you back as much as $64.97. But when you order this special package today, you get access to this invaluable tool for free.

Why is this important? Because we are obsessed with getting you results. So instead of just saying you’ll add at least 10 MPH to your serve by going through the Rafter

Serve System, we decided to prove it. To let you see with your own eyes.

Once you download the app, measure your "before" serve speed. How hard you are serving right now. Then eliminate your Serve Killers and apply the Rafter Serve System, and measure your "after" serve speed.

No guess work. No wondering if you’re really serving harder. You’ll be able to see for yourself.

Bonus #3 - Double Your Flexibility: 7 Minute Stretch for Max Serve Speed ($27 VALUE)

Did you know most players leave precious MPH on the table? The reason: They don’t stretch the right way. Stretching the way you’re about to discover is one of the EASIEST ways to pick up an extra 5-10 MPH on your serve. In fact, Serve Killer #13 doesn’t have anything to do with your technique, but it’s robbing you of an additional 5 - 10 MPH EASY. That Serve Killer is flexibility... or lack thereof. (And you’re gonna discover how to fix that problem for good.)

Flexibility is so important that pros spend hours before and after a match warming up and cooling down their bodies so that they keep a "live arm" ready to uncork 120+ MPH serves on command.

In fact, big-serving John Isner says flexibility is the reason he’s able to serve so big. Now, obviously being 6’9" is a huge advantage, but all that height doesn’t amount to much if your shoulder and arm are tight as a drum.

Remember, Will is 5’8" and 140 pounds soaking wet and can serve around 115 MPH, so it’s not like you have to be tall or buff to hit hard. You just have to be loose and flexible. Are you? This bonus will get you there in record time.

SUPER BONUS - Personal Serve Critique from an Actual Live Instructor (Really) ($100/hr VALUE)

This is the ultimate bonus for any player looking for "feedback"on their serve. Imagine getting your serve critiqued by one of the best teaching pros in the country. Coaches who are already getting incredible results for their students.

Will trained them in the Rafter Serve System. Certified them. Taught them the Serve Killers and the specific fixes. And what you’re going to get is a personalized serve critique from one of these Rafter-certified coaches.

As you know, a lesson from your run-of-the-mill local pro is around $50. But someone who has been hand-picked in the training you’re about to discover? That’s worth much more. A personal lesson with any Rafter-certified pro is going to cost you $100 / hour, assuming the instructor is in your area.

But because Will is so obsessed with getting you results, when you order now, you’re going to get this personal swing critique from a real, live, Rafter-certified pro absolutely free.

100% Money Back Guarantee
Guarantee #1:

The first guarantee is our 100 percent, 60-day "love it or your money back" unconditional money-back guarantee, and here’s how that works.

If for any reason in the first sixty days you decide the Rafter Serve System is not for you. Or you change your mind... Or you’re having a rough day... Or for no reason at all.

You can return the product for a full 100% money back guarantee - no questions asked and no hassles either. All you need to do is end us an email letting us know - and you’ll receive a fast and full refund. And you won’t be on our "bad list" or anything like that. We’ll still remain friends, and you’ll still have the opportunity to enjoy all our other programs - both free and paid.

Guarantee #2:

Pick up your risk-free copy of Pat Rafter’s Serve System today along with the serve fix video bundle and put it all to the test. Before you do anything else, download the "serve speed" app, follow the step-by-step instructions, and record your starting serve speed.

Then go through the videos - including the entire set of Serve Killer Fixes. Follow the step-by-step lessons Will and Pat recommend - first focusing on fixing your #1 serve killer.

Then when you go to practice your serve, focus all your energy on your toss and spin. Follow the step-by-step blueprint Pat gives you in the training. Once you’ve done all that, record your serve speed once again.

Then, I want you to apply what you’ve learned in two matches against two different people familiar with your current serve. If you don’t see at least a 10 MPH increase in your serve speed. AND if you don’t get a least one of the two people you play against to comment on how impressed they are with the transformation of your serve.

Simply send in screenshots of your before and after speeds... Give us the name and phone numbers of the two guys you played against so we can call them up to prove that you’ve put it all to the test. And not only will you get a full 100% money-back guarantee. We’ll double your money back.

And we’ll even donate $100 to any charity of your choice in your name - as a way of saying ‘thanks’ for trying out the program and giving us your feedback...

… Last night I implemented a game plan and the aspects of some of Pat’s work and beat the number one seeded player… I just kept building mental pressure on this guy and he’s just looking at me going, “Where did this come from?  He hasn’t played me like this before,” and it worked.


Like a lot of rec players, my serve is my biggest weakness. But, I really couldn’t get the feeling of spin. I couldn’t hit a kick at all before. It was a little bit of top spin, I guess, but that was almost by accident. But now people told me I’m getting a lot more spin in the ball.

… [and] a lot less double faults, because I worked on it a lot. And the other thing is, it’s just a new weapon. It’s a new weapon that I didn’t even have. The consistency has went up a lot, especially I did those exercises on hitting up, so now I’m clearing the net by a lot more. And then obviously when you hit it right, it clears the net by a lot and then it drops down. So I’ve been happy with it, yeah.

- Robert

I tell you, it’s the confidence level. When you feel you can do these athletic things and you’re not thinking mechanics, it just builds your confidence. Because now you fall into what you really want it to be. You want to be able to play and if you win fine, if you lose but you played athletically and didn’t fall into mechanics that failed you, just the game is so much more fun.

- Thomas

I was a little skeptical about how I could use it. But it turned out very well, really… After I saw the Rafter method of serving, well it was really a change. It made me much more confident on my serve. I didn’t have to serve a flat serve when I was in trouble, which is a risky serve. I had much more confidence. I could serve both first and second serves much better. I could have a better ball placement. I had more precision, too. I’m really serving to the lines now. It’s much easier now. I’m serving very well wide, I’m serving very well in the middle and I’m serving very deep, and I’m not afraid of making mistakes anymore.

- Thomas